Joey Phang

  01/Oct/2018 |    Malaysia
Traveled as a couple and we had Ta as our guide for 2 days. Ta was recommended by a friend of mine and I'd say it was undoubtedly the best 2 days tour I ever had! Let me start off with how easy-going Ta was to liaise with. Arrangements on our tour before we visit was a breeze as Ta was very friendly and informative and tried to accommodate to our preferences and needs. The packages that he offered can be tailored or customized to our liking and one plus point to his tours is that it is flexible. Throughout our 2 days tour of temples and village visits, we had amazing experiences listening to the histories of the making of the temples and its carvings, interacting with locals, and having a taste of their culture. Ta is very knowledgeable and observant. He can point out very detailed things that we so happen come across along our tour. He also portrayed a very in depth knowledge of the history of not only the temples but Siem Reap itself. He is also very friendly and kind to the villagers and it helped us feel very welcomed and also helped bring us and the villagers closer for a better experience. Did I forget to mention that Ta is a passionate photographer and it was a bonus that he knew all the good spots for great pictures! It is these awesome pictures I captured that will leave long-lasting memories which lasts a lifetime. It was a very fulfilling tour especially with Ta as our guide which I would say was more like a friend to us.