As being a local guide and tour operator, I'm very much like the khmer history, architecture and nature.

I have had an oportunity to share all those authentic experiences with people from all over the world.  Photography is indeed the great way to share!

I am very excited about photography ; It is a passion I have learned from all these amateur and
professional photographers I have met, from around the World for over 17 years.
When I lead a tour, I always enjoy seeing my clients taking great pictures and experiencing their picture styles and equipment.
Angkor ruins with their incredible arts and architectures are remarkable, but the alive culture and their people are magnificence! 
Let me take care of your trip to assure that you're at the right place and in the right time (good light) to gain the unique experience from local, while visiting Angkor temples and local villages...........shooting and seeing in different ways from normal tours!



Half day tour (late afternoon till sun down)

This tour is idealy for a late afternoon break out from the crowd and to shoot temple in its best light that end up with silhouette
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Classic Angkor Temples (inc Sunset) (1D)

Angkor Wat: 12th century temple, spectacular carvings and a vast labyrinth of passages. The five lotus flower towers and much, much more. Angkor Thom complex: Bayo
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Half day countryside tour (afternoon till sun down)

It is the breathtaken to enjoy general activities at an original every day market in the country side life, rice and duck farming including a ride of the traddtional
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Tonle Sap-Kompong Khleang & Beng Mealea temple

Stay away from tourist buses; for a great photo experience at locals!   It's one of the most popular day tour for photography. The day to be away from
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Waterbird and people.

This is another angle of Siem Reap. Beside temple, there are villages and wild lifes. Life on the floating village and wild birds are a great escaps from the normal
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Remote temple ruins beyon tour buses destination!

It's a long day tour that give us completely different feeling about the ruins, a bit adventurous! The tour requires 4 hours drive each way. So the early start and
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